miércoles, 4 de febrero de 2009

DESPONDENT - Confined (2008)

SOUNDS LIKE: Ignite, Deviates, Pennywise...

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misterhussy dijo...

Hi there!

It's really great to see you guys like our new CD and love sharing it.

We totally understand why people avoid getting DRM-riddled digital music from places like iTunes and Napster and that mediafire/rapidshare/bittorrent. is so much more convenient.

If you've downloaded the album and like it, we'd love a donation to our cause. Confined took about 2 years of work to save up enough money to record and we're only going to be able to record more through getting money through selling Confined. So if you want to hear more from Despondent (and we've got plenty of songs we want to record!) feel free to donate by following the link below


If you're wary of following a donation link through a random forum post, there's a donation button about halfway down on our myspace page - http://myspace.com/despondentrock . Any amount is appreciated, whatever you think the music's worth.

thanks for your time:

Nik - drummer from Despondent